How's your spicy quota?

Bet you're short on spicy. Come explore the ONLY monthly box for All Things Spicy!

How does Scotch Bonnet hot sauce, Ghost Pepper beef jerky, Carolina Reaper chili powder, and SO MUCH MORE sound?

Nothing But Sauce!

If you're an All Sauce kind of Pepper Head then we've got something special for you!

Get 3 savory bottles of Artisan Hot sauces each month. Get habanero sauces, ghost pepper sauces, scorpion pepper sauces and so much more!

About Monthly Pepper Box

Monthly Pepper Box is the best place to explore the world of Spicy! We find some of the world's best spicy foods, box 'em up, and ship them straight to your doorstep. And the best part, we do it every month so you will never lack for some new to melt your face!

How it works

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Each month we'll build you a box of either three artisan sauces or four to six savory spicy products.

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All featured products will range from "Mild" to "Call The Fire Department" Hot. There will be a varity of heat levels for all Pepper Heads to enjoy.

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Pepper Boxes (Sauces) ship on the 15th & renew on the 25th. The All Things Spicy boxes ship on the 18th & renew on the 28th.

Stop renewals at anytime before members renew. Simply log into your account to manage your memberships.

All boxes should take 2-4 days to arrive after shipping.